Who We Are

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The CCEs are a large, diverse and enthusiastic group of students with at least one semester of college under their belts.  Each of them is part of a different set of communities: the group includes singing group members, athletes, feminist activists, fraternity and sorority members, musicians, YDN journalists, LGBTQ center leaders, and sketch comedy artists, to name a few.  And this is intentional.  We feel it’s more productive to effect positive change from inside of communities than from outside, through existing relationships and shared interests.  

Spring 2021 CCEs:

Benjamin Franklin

Alexa Stanger ‘21

Cam Aaron ‘21

Helena Ware ‘23

Mafalda von Alvensleben ‘23

Maria Grillo ‘23


Charlotte Emerson ‘22

Nichales Marinaj ‘23

Ryan Huynh ‘23

Tiya Proctor-Floyd ‘24

Tomeka Frieson ‘21


Conor Downey ‘22

Forrest LaPrade ‘24


Enrique Chuidian ‘22

Izzi Henig ‘23

Nora Massie ‘22

Ezra S​tiles

Coral Ortiz ‘22

Carolyn Sacco ‘21

EC Mingo ‘22

Elliot Sawyer-Kaplan ‘23

Grace Hopper

Ben Snyder ‘22

Bibiana Torres ‘22

Patrick Cherry ‘21

Sabrina Mellinghoff ‘24

Yabi Degefu ‘23

Jonathan Edwards

Natasha Ambriz-Villela ‘23

Nicole Park ‘23

Project C​oordinators

Andrew Bilodeau ‘21 (MC)

Auguste White ‘21 (SY)

Erin Gerardo ‘21 (TD)

Griffin Berlin ‘21 (JE)

Melinda Wang ‘21 (BR)

Shannon Larsuel ‘21 (BR)


Eden Senay ‘22

Eunice Park ‘23

Kyndall Donalson ‘23

Shayna Elliot ‘22

Timothy Dwight

Allan Ding ‘24

Andrew Jones ‘23

Ariana Plaza ‘23

Emmy James ‘23


Eli Kennard ‘24

Gonna Nwakudu ‘23

Nyeda Sam ‘22

Neelam Sandhu ‘21

Tanner Tavrytzky ‘21


Anusha Sarathy ‘24

Max Teirstein ‘22

Petru Neagu ‘23

Vanya Shivashankar ‘23

Will Laird ‘21


Camila Toro ‘21

Renée Sanacora ‘23

Sam Ryan ‘22

Pauli Murray

Danny Kaplowitz ‘22

Kiran Damodaran ‘21

Maya Sanghvi ‘22


Alayna Lee ‘22

Boris Epié ‘22

Konrad Collins ‘23