Who we are

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The CCEs are a diverse and enthusiastic group of 57 students with at least one semester of college under their belts.  Each of them is part of a different set of communities: the group includes singing group members, athletes, feminist activists, fraternity and sorority members, musicians, YDN journalists, LGBTQ center leaders, and sketch comedy artists, to name a few.  And this is intentional.  We feel it’s more productive to effect positive change from inside of communities than from outside, through existing relationships and shared interests.  

Fall 2018 CCEs:

Benjamin Franklin

Cam Aaron ‘21

Tera Hofmann ‘20

Alexa Stanger ‘21

Shazidur Talukder ‘21


Franny Arnautou ‘20

Charlotte Emerson ‘21

Noora Reffat ‘19


Rufus Guy ‘21

Shannon Larsuel ‘21

Christina Pao ‘20

Melinda Wang ‘21


Izak Epstein ‘19

Tristan Furnary ‘20

Georgina Hickey ‘20

Evie Schumann ‘20

Ezra S​tiles

Supriya Kohli ‘20

Coral Ortiz ‘21

Carolyn Sacco ‘21

Max Schlenker ‘20

Grace Hopper

Kyle Ellerson ‘19

Caleb Kassa ‘20

J. Hunter Roman ‘19

Jonathan Edwards

Griffin Berlin ‘21

Jane Buckley ‘20

Jaylen Pittman ‘19

Project C​oordinators

Haja Kamara, SM ‘19

Adrian Lin, JE 19

Allie Primak, DC ‘19

Billy Roberts, BK ‘19

Michelle Peng ‘19


Onyx Brunner ‘20

Shayna Elliot ‘21

Anna Hope Emerson ‘20

Frani O’Toole ‘19

Timothy Dwight

Dale MacLean ‘20

Nick Zevallos ‘19


Jordan Kindler ‘19

Karina Rodriguez ‘19

Bartolomeo Rondelli ‘21

Anna Sudderth ‘19


Sam Day-Weiss ‘20

Jesse Nadel ‘21

Auguste White ‘21

Annina Zelkin ‘20


Calvin McCafferty ‘20

Paloma Ortega ‘21

Camila Toro ‘21

Jackie Zhang ‘21

Pauli Murray

Nicole Chavez ‘19

Kiran Damodaran ‘21

Shelby Kennedy ‘19


Kat Berman ‘20

Abigail Clayton ‘19

Yan Ockowicz ‘19