Who We Are

The CCEs are a large, diverse and enthusiastic group of students with at least one semester of college under their belts.  Each of them is part of a different set of communities: the group includes singing group members, athletes, activists, greek life members, musicians, YDN journalists, LGBTQ center leaders, and comedy performers, to name a few.  And this is intentional. We feel it’s more productive to effect positive change from inside of communities than from outside, through existing relationships and shared interests.  

Fall 2023 CCEs:

Benjamin Franklin

Andrew Kornfeld ‘24

Julian Suh-Toma ‘25

Carson White ‘25


Aeka Guru ‘25

Krupa Hegde ‘25

Angela Perez ‘24

Eula Doele ‘26


Nikhe Braimah ‘25

Charlene Jamie Miciano ‘24


Gia Cook ‘26

Kaley Mafong ‘26

Humyra Karim ‘26

Elizabeth Chivers ‘26

Ezra S​tiles

Josephine Cureton ‘24

Emma Mangiacapre ‘24

Isabela Molina ‘25

Jamie Yi ‘24

Grace Hopper

Lucía Amaya Martinez ‘25

Maya Fonkeu ‘25

Sabrina Mellinghoff ‘24

Fardouza Farah ‘26

Annelise Quintero ‘26

Jonathan Edwards

Aiden Magley ‘25

Jennifer Ye ‘25

Tejas Muthusamy ‘25

Melanie Nguyen ‘25



Taylor Carroll ‘25

Sofía Manriquez ‘25

Marco Muñoz ‘24

Éle Donegan ‘26

Timothy Dwight

Erin Bettigole ‘25

Amal Biskin ‘25

Josephine Holubkov ‘24

Evan Bowman ‘26


Meg Buzbee ‘24

Sage Friedman ‘25

Skylar Kronrad ‘25

Andrew Wu ‘25


Mirabel Nguyen ‘24

Jenny Lee ‘25

Lynn Lee ‘25


Jasselene Paz ‘24

Olivia Schnur ‘25

Jack Twyford ‘24

Veronica Zimmer ‘25

Timothy Parsons ‘26

Alex Williams ‘25

Pauli Murray

Danya Dubrow-Compaine ‘25

Sandra Redjali ‘24

Emi Glass ‘26

Ethan Olim ‘25

Bryant Valladares Turcios ‘24


James Adams ‘25

Fredrik Fosser ‘26

Alex O’Sullivan ‘26

Jenelle Burgess ‘26

Project C​oordinators

Andrew Kornfeld

Sabrina Mellinghoff

Josephine Holubkov

Byrant Valladares Turcios

Meg Buzbee