What are the CCEs? 

The Communication and Consent Educators (CCEs) are a large, diverse group of undergraduates working together to foster a more positive sexual and social climate on campus.  We aim to end sexual violence by transforming our corner of contemporary culture into one where respect, mutuality, and mindfulness are the norms.  A safe campus is critically important, but we want even more – we want Yale to be a place where everyone can thrive.

Through workshops, trainings, and conversations, we help students identify troubled dynamics and develop skills for effective interventions; even better, we work on strategies for avoiding problems altogether. CCE teams also work (usually in collaboration with other student groups) to change the campus environment itself, reimagining traditional events and practices to maximize the opportunities for ideals to flourish.

You can read the full list of Yale’s resources for responding to sexual misconduct.

Applying to be a CCE

Thanks for your interest! Applications are currently open for the next academic year. Applications are due February 13th . 

Take the AAU Survey on Campus Sexual Climate

Please take part in the 2019 AAU Campus Sexual Climate Survey.  This confidential survey asks about students’ perceptions and experiences of sexual misconduct, campus resources and support, and bystander intervention. The results will help guide Yale’s strategies for addressing sexual misconduct. The strength of those findings, though, will depend on you!  Please, check your inbox and fill out the survey now.  (The links are unique, so use only your own email invitation.) Yale will report on the results in Fall 2019.  For more details about the survey and Yale’s resources, please see smr.yale.edu. For information, advocacy, and support, contact SHARE (203-432-2000) at any time.