How to Help - UWC

Supporting a Friend Through the Formal UWC Process

How to Support a Friend Videos


What is the UWC, and what does it do? How can you help your friend?


What are the stages of the formal UWC process?


What are the expected limits to talking about a UWC case, and why?

Formal vs Informal Complaints

What’s the difference between formal and informal complaints? How do students choose which path to take?

Paths to the UWC

Where can someone who is thinking about filing a complaint go? Are there other ways that complaints come to the UWC?

The SHARE Center

How does SHARE support complainants through the UWC process?

Title IX Coordinators

What are Title IX Coordinators, and what do they do? Who are ours? How do they help in individual situations?

Yale Police

Can someone file a disciplinary complaint and press criminal charges at the same time? What services does the YPD provide?

UWC Factfinding

Who are the factfinders? What are their investigations like?


What happens in a UWC hearing? What kinds of questions are asked?

Decisions and Penalties

How do UWC panels determine whether or not a violation occurred? What are the possible outcomes?


What do students find challenging in this process? How can we help them meet those challenges?

Choosing not to file

What happens if your friend decides not to file a formal complaint? What should you do?