CCE Duties and Responsibilities

The CCE mission is to create a more positive sexual climate on campus. The prime qualifications for being a CCE are optimism, creativity, and a desire to make Yale a better place. Here are some of the CCEs’ more specific duties and responsibilities:
  • Participate in all CCE training (make-up options available for those with unavoidable conflicts):
    • Spring training (April 18, 10am—3pm)
    • Fall training (Monday, August 24—Tuesday, September 1)
  • Attend weekly CCE meetings on Tuesdays, 8:30-10pm.
  • Conduct large-scale campus education events:
    • Freshman Orientation (Saturday, September 5 & Sunday, September 6)
    • Sophomore Bystander Intervention Training (Wednesday, September 23—Sunday, September 27)
    • Froco, PL, pre-orientation leader trainings (scattered throughout March and April)
  • Be an active member of at least two teams (attending meetings and participating in projects):
    • Your residential college team.
    • One or more project teams, focused on specific communities, issues, or events (project teams overlap and shift over the course of the year).
  • Work—individually and in teams—to foster a positive campus culture:
    • Often, these are collaborative projects with other student groups and organizations.
    • Some projects will focus on particular communities; others on specific issues or events.
    • Whenever possible, this is creative, expansive, positive work—shifting problematic dynamics by opening up better options.
  • Guide individuals looking for help with specific cases of sexual misconduct to appropriate resources, making Title IX reports as necessary.
  • Uphold high standards in your own personal behavior.